Friday, November 16, 2018

My Auckland Camp

When we got to Rainbows end I was sooooooooooooooooo excited to go on Log flume and the stratosphere, I couldn't wait for those rides. When we got in, the first ride we went to was the Invader, me and Will thought that it would be scary but it wasn't at all, when we got on we would just have fun conversations. After that we went to a few other rides but then we went to my new favourite rides which are the Gold rush,the Power surge and the Log flume, I like the Gold rush for the same reasons why I like the Log flume like what your put in, the detail of scenery and other reasons but those are main ones, I like the Power surge because...well what's not to like about being picked up and spun around,alot but for me and Will it's a whole nother story,we absolutely loved it, while we were getting spun around we were saying “mom's Spaghetti” which is a reference to Eminems song (I forgot the name) that he sung in the movie 8 Mile. After the Power surge we went to the Log flume witch is my favourite ride because of the following reasons:the cave that you go through, the props that are in the cave, your seat which is the log, getting wet and because it made me feel like a outlaw on the run,(fun little story while we were on the Log flume Jaxon had to pee and it was urgent so he had to jump off the log to pee,luckily he court another log back). I really like the Gold rush (not as much as Log flume) because the same reasons why I like the Log flume:the cave that you go through,your seat which is the cart and because made me feel like Indiana jones. Going on the Stratosphere was the most ghastly thing I have ever seen and been on, when we went upside down it felt like I was falling out of my seat on to my harness and I soon realized I was doing that,the Stratosphere was the only ride that made me say “I want to get off”, it was the best day ever.

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  1. Hi Calais im Wai from Tautoro school.i really like your story of your trip on camp it sound very interesting. i wounder how fun was your trip? did you like it?.


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